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Repeated disconnects

Hi folks,

Currently using the original BT Openreach Fibre HG612 VDSL modem with an Apple Time Capsule. This setup has been trouble free for years and I’ve never used the free BT Homehub router.

Ever since I renewed my contract last month I have been suffering repeated disconnects. According to the Apple Airport Utility the Time Capsule is working fine and the problem seems to be the Openreach modem losing the connection (three solid yellow lights).

The BT service checker never shows a problem locally and we never lose the dial tone. 

Could this just be the BT modem failing (we’ve had it since BT fibre Infinity first started)?

As they don’t supply the Openreach modem anymore, will BT sent me the latest Homehub combined modem/router or will I have to buy one?

Thanks for any help.



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Re: Repeated disconnects

If it is the Openreach modem that is failing you could buy a replacement on eBay.

If you are still in a minimum term contract you would get a replacement Smarthub for free if BT think there is a fault with the modem. If you do report a fault don't mention you are using your own router because the Customer Services will latch onto that and blame it as being the problem.

If you are not in a minimum term contract you will need to pay for a new Smarthub.

If you get a new BT Smarthub be aware that it can not be set to a modem only mode. 

You could always buy a third party VDSLModem/Router for about £40 and use that.


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Re: Repeated disconnects

Have you checked for noise on your line as that is the most common cause of disconnects? 1707 option 2 best with corded phone.

Any noise report a line fault, don't mention broadband.

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