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Replace BT Junction box with gel filled crimp caps


The community helped me sort out what I needed to do to get my exes Broadband working again where I posted a picture of a horrific looking Junction Box (Mould/No top/Wires exposed) and to that end, I've ordered and received 10 x (I Hope) A8 gel caps.  Advice was to bypass the box by just connecting some A8 gel filled crimp connectors. 

I'm now looking to confirm a couple of queries.  I see one cable coming into house (doesn't look in great shape but...) and I see it split into 2 wires inside the junction box.  There are no colours or any insulation on these 2 wires.  

What I'm wanting to do is connect those to the 10M Telephone extention cable I bought which will then connect to the (I hope) Master socket.  SO..... at the ruined junction box, I assume I strip back the extension lead so I can see two wires. I then connect one BT line wire  and one extension lead wire by stuffing them into the gel cap and closing with pliers.  I then slap electrical tape round the who caboodle.  I then do same for other pair of wires.

My only question is.......with no colours on the two incoming bt wires, can they connect to EITHER of the 2 extension cable wires.  If they do need to be specific, I figure I'll just have to guess.  So if I get it wrong, will it just not work, in which case I just go back and swap them over, or could being the wrong way round blow anything?

Just to point out that getting a BT Engineer isn't an option as they quoted minimum £150 and ex is single parent non-working (with no benefits) mum and she simply doesn't have £50 let alone £150.  I did try a couple of local numbers I found in local press but only one who turned up for £50 took one look at the junction box, said he needed to go back to his van to get some tools, and she watched as he got in his van and drove off, never to be seen again. At least he hadn't been paid 🙂

Thanks for any help.  And if you see any flames/explosions in Eastbourne/Willingdon on Saturday evening, you'll know I messed up.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Replace BT Junction box with gel filled crimp caps

It doesn't matter which way round the wires connect, nothing is polarity conscious.

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