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Router not connected to internet

I have an intermittent problem with my BTHub6 (BT smart hub-Type A) in that I regularly cannot connect to the internet. I have Fibre 1 broadband - 70meg. The blue router light stays on solid when this happens. So it appears the link is up but not transmitting data??  When it happens it affects all devices in the house - iPad, 2 iPhones and hardwired windows laptop. I’ve tried restarting the router, have done a factory reset too, it doesn’t make any difference if I power down any devices. It does seem to start working ok if the router is switched off then back on, but then will disconnect a few hours later. 
Anyone out there experienced this? Thanks Keith 

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Re: Router not connected to internet

If you have done a factory reset and remembered to turn off smart setup then sounds like hub problem so phone CS 150 and request a replacement probably a SH2

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