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Sharing line with neighbour (speeds affected?)

So today I just noticed while I was out looking at the phoneline, that there is just one cable coming from the telephone pole which joins my house, and there is a box with a cable feeding my house, and another feeding the neighbours (please see my awesome picture for reference) . Does this mean we share one cable, and if so, does this mean my internet speeds are 'split' with them? I have fibre, and I get about 25 mb/s, which is less than half what I got in my last home. I just moved into this house recently, and I'm in the same area, only 2 miles from my last property where I got about 50+mb/s. Many thanks


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Re: Sharing line with neighbour (speeds affected?)

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There is more than one pair of wires in that cable, so you each have your own circuit and are not sharing the same connection, as this would not be possible anyway.

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Re: Sharing line with neighbour (speeds affected?)

As said they’ll be more then 1 Cable pair in the drop wire.

I’d hazard a guess it’ll either be a D/W10 or 10b, which are 2 Pair Cables. Or a CAD55 or D/W15, which are both 4 Pair.

If you were on a shared pair you’d be on a DACS and neither of you would have any kind of Broadband.

The reason your connection is slower then your old house is probably due to the distance from the PCP.
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