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Simultaneous installation of BT line and Infinity

I currently have  line rental and broadband from O2.


I have ordered a BT line with Infinity 2. I have been told by BT CS that it is not possible for the Infinity to be ordered before BT has taken over the line. As a result it looks like my Infinity 2 won't even be ordered until 4th May (the day after BT take over the line).


Surely this isn't right? I have seen plenty of evidence online from openreach and others that a simultaneous transfer is possible.


Why do I have to wait?


Why can't a simultaneous transfer be done?

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Re: Simultaneous installation of BT line and Infinity

Hello this is true as the same thing happened to me. I ordered on line after having a long discussion with a BT rep . I palced my order on the 15th Feb for a phone line and bt infinity paid my line rental saver and one off delivery charge then nothing happened no e mails no phone calls nothing for over a week,  I rang bt to be told my order had been cancelled as I should not have been able to place both orders together (I did however) This was blamed on a faulty website. This caused me a few problems as they had to refund my line rental and delivery charge I had paid then re take the same amount again. This also caused a three week delay with my infinity instalation I kicked up a bit of a fuss and when I got my new conformation e mail the BT lady had given me three months free so it all worked out in the end.

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Re: Simultaneous installation of BT line and Infinity

I have my phone and braodband with IDNet. I have had to seperate my orders also. Phone line activation is the 1st of May and was told to call back up when its done and they will confirm my broadband order that is on hold.


I'm sure its not going to be that easy but so far so good.


Me and my Wife have a baby due on the 3rd of May so I'm not sure if the timing is what i'd hope for. On the plus side there is a good chance i'll be off on the install date due to paternity leave. Smiley Happy

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