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Since Firmware Update 18-Aug-2022 ping times have increased to double what they were before (FTTC)!


I joined BT FTTC on the 18th of July and the service was good for 1 month! For example I was pinging Lichess at 6-7ms

Now I am getting between 10-12ms

Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 10ms, Maximum = 10ms, Average = 10ms

This is not just this website. FIFA ping tests were 5-8ms and now it has jumped to 11-15ms.

Speed tests from the Speedtest desktop application were 4ms on various speedtest servers. Now it has jumped to 8ms using the Smart Hub 2 router.

I was with TalkTalk FTTC prior to that for 2 years with the Sagemcom WiFi Hub router and I never had such high pings. I switched to BT as TalkTalk were price hiking at the end of the 2 year contract.

Mauritius Telecom Limited Speedtest is showing 209ms. It was actually a little higher at 224ms prior to last night. With TalkTalk it was 4ms ping.

The SmartHub 2 was rebooted in the Event Log last night it is showing..

04:26:00, 02 Sep. Booting firmware v0.35.01.06093-BT (Thu Jun 9 11:13:37 2022)

Not sure why it is showing 9th of June as the Firmware Update version is showing 18th of August. But anyway, there has been multiple drop outs and resyncs since then including a local BT Outage for 18 hours recently without broadband. The pings have never recovered back to what they were before!

I'm wondering what could be the reason for this? Has the firmware changed some settings that could contribute to the pings increasing?

Many thanks.

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