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Slow BT Infinity speeds after line repair

A bit of background - I have the BT Infinity 1 package i.e. max download speeds of c.52mbps. I 100m from a BT exchange and have historically got very good download/upload speeds (48mpbs / 8mpbps, respectively). I am using a Draytek Vigor 130 modem and an Asus RT-AC5300 router.


About a week ago, both my phoneline and broadband suddenly stopped working. An engineer visited my house and told me that the line had become disconnected (I believe at the street cabinet about 15 feet from my house).


My phone line and broadband is now working, however I am getting consistently much slower download/upload speeds than I did historicaclly (15mbps / 0.6mbps, respectively). Therefore, I assume there stark contrast in speeds is a result of the fault that I originally had. I am not sure if it there is some noise/intereference on the line as a result of the disconnect or some other issue?


I have spent hours upon hours on the phone to BT and have been passed around dozens of different departments, to no avail. The "technical team" are merely reading from a script and asking mundane questions without actually using any free thinking and considering my issue outside of a script which has been extremely frustrating.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, whether it be a solution, or just some more info so I can try and make some headway with BT!


Below is a link to my speed test:


BT Speed Test Results


Thank you,


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Re: Slow BT Infinity speeds after line repair

Hi @Kavsby and welcome.


I'm sorry you're having problems with the connection. There could be a couple of reasons for the drop in connction speed so we'll need to take a closer look at this for you. can you please drop me over an email with your details? You'll get the contact the moderators link in my profile. We're busier than usual so it's taking longer than expected to reply but once you submit the details we'll get to you in turn.





Community ModeratorDaveM
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Re: Slow BT Infinity speeds after line repair



Thank you for your reply - I followed the link in your profile and filled in the form.


Looking forward to hearing back.


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Re: Slow BT Infinity speeds after line repair

I just sold my ac5300 has router shame it always forced sync my speed to 37mb. I renewed contract months ago for the 55mb speed increase but it never went over the 37mb after 3 engineer visits they said its a copper limitation so I thought nothing of it. Got the new BT smart hub and I get 50-51mb all day and night and 7mb up.
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