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Slow Broadband

Hi. The dsl checker shows speeds between 44 and 61Mbps on VDSL for my telephone number. So when I joined BT FTTC broadband I was hoping to get this speed. I am only getting 9Mbps on the line. I've been through the process of contacting BT, having OR engineers out to check everything- the line is OK with no faults EXCEPT that its 2.6km from the PCP I'm connected to! So the actual route is not how its mapped on their system. OR will not connect me 'correctly' as per the maps they have- it would involve infrastructure like erecting poles etc. to get to the 'correct' DP which is obviously a lot closer. My neighbour across the road opposite me has speed of 44Mbps+ and that's where my line/route should be mapped, but my actual line goes along the road away from the PCP, further out from the village and eventually back to the cabinet. So I'm stuck with slow fibre broadband unless somehow a OR surveyor/planner realises the issue and can change it. But I can't contact them directly and BT suggest that I can leave the contract as I'm not getting the minimum guaranteed speed. Ordering a 2nd line was suggested to me but I can't see how that would enable a new connection with faster speeds- OR would surely turn round and say no to building the required infrastructure & most likely connect me to the existing route. Maybe a Mod could investigate?? Thanks
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Re: Slow Broadband

if you have already contacted openreach and as expected they have said they will not move your conenction then there is nothing the mods can do to get openreach to change the infrastructure   getting a new line will just run same way as existing connection

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