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Slow evening speeds (Infinity 2)

I really could use a mod to take ownership of my problem.  I will do everything in my power to help you help me but I foresee a point where I will give up entirely with BT.


I am on Infinity 2 (bumped up at no extra cost due to being mis-sold but that's another long tale of banging one's head against the BT wall of Customer Care).


Everything works and I achieve what I'm paying for during the day.  This week.  I tried to download a file this week during the evening and noticed it was taking a long time so I did a speed test and discovered I was getting 3Mb down.


During the day I normally get around 45Mb down and 9Mb Up.  The Up speed is not affected during the time when I get slow down speeds.  So I'm getting around 3Mb down, 9 up at the times I feel there is a problem.


3Mb down is actually lower than I was getting with my old ISP on ADSL (which was also cheaper).


As usual, I tried to troubleshoot this myself at first so that I could provide as much info. to BT as possible.


I did a number for speed tests over a few nights and it does seem to be an issue up to midnight.  One night, I did a test 1 minute after midnight and my speeds shot up again (not to 45mb but much higher than 3Mb).  I stayed up to 1am and did another test and the speeds were back to normal.


I alter nothing.  The PC is in the exact same state during the evening as it is during the day.  But come evening, the speeds are down and I check again with BT's own checker.  Speeds are around 2 to 4 Mb and then as if by miracle I go to sleep and the speeds are normal again in the morning.


I log an online chat 4 July and spend 40 minutes online and told it needed to passed over to the right dept. they asked me when it would be convenient to call me.  We agreed 2-4pm the following day.  I stayed at home.  No one rang.


I started an online chat again and the person rang me on the 'phone telling me I'd need to be put through to the right people.  I was put through to Manisha, 2nd level support.


I explained everything again and she did a line test for noise and some tests at her end but could find nothing wrong.  I referred her to the BT speed tests and she had no record of the tests I'd run apart from one which I'd run at 8pm which was normal.


We two and fro, for 45 minutes, during which I'm told I shouldn't be complaining as I get a 'good' speed for what I'm paying for.  I'm also told that since there is no issue as far as she is concerned that I would need to ring back when the fault manifests itself as they could run a check while on the 'phone.  This 'phone call was near 5pm so everything was fine at that time.  She tells me they are open 8-10pm.


I enquire what do I do if my problem only occurs outside of that time.  She told me there was nothing they could do as there would be no one in the office.  I enquire about procedure for when these problems occur and that surely there are times when people have problems outside office hours and that she can't be serious in telling me that if the problem doesn't occur during office hours then no one can help me.


I agreed to ring back on 0800 1114567 if I had an issue (within office hours of course).  Tonight I noticed at 9.15pm the service was slow again so I rang the number.


"Thank you for holding we are very busy at the moment and apologise for the delay.  Your call will be answered as soon as possible".


I got that message for 40 minutes before I gave up (and it was 5 minutes past 10pm by this point).



I feel that getting speeds on average of 3Mb on a service that 'normally' delivers 45Mb is unacceptable.  Is it coincidence that this happens at peak times??


Please point me in a direction other than at a brick wall.  I am only 4 months into a 12 month contract (its only a year contract due to the above mentioned bump up to Infinity 2 where they kindly reduced the contract so as to save themselves some money).  That was offered by David Hemmings as a resolution to my month long struggle that I was mis-sold their product.


I have come here and I notice I'm not the only person with slow speeds during the evening.


Please could a Mod help me.  You are my only hope.

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Re: Slow evening speeds (Infinity 2)

Identical to my problems -


The mods have taken ownership of mine now and had an engineer today for a few hrs and he's coming back tomorrow morning.


If you fill this is the mods will try to help as soon as they can, but can take about a week -


Keep a note of the reference number on the last screen cos you don't get email confirmation.

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