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Slow internet speed/High Ping in games

Hi there, since about 2-3 days, the connection speed has dropped considerably. I use ethernet cable and my ingame ping which is usually 19ms when off peak hours (i.e no one in the house is doing something that's eating a lot of the bandwidth) and during peak hours, it could go up to 40-50ms. From the past days, it is staying on 100-130ms, and even for youtube or browsing on google, it can take 3-5 minutes to load.

The problem is that on the BT website for troubleshooting, it says that supposedly there's no problem at all, when all the websites out there where you can test speed/jitter/ping and so on, i see my connection is way lower than it should be.It's starting to get frustrating as before getting the Smarthub 2, the 1st one had the same problem and it would drop the wifi too with intermittent drops on the broadband together. Now this one too is doing the same thing. I'm the only one with ethernet connection and i've confirmed with everyone in the house that the speed is definitely way lower than it used to be. 

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