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Re: SmartHub6 dropping connection frequently, and repeatedly for each occurrence..

Thanks. I used that..

So download connection is 47, ip profile appears to be 42, so I am 10% under this on 38 according to that test.

It advises a problem to be checked out further by isp.   (And it looks like speed test has been accurate in the past)

@NeilO advised that line errors have largely disappeared from the exchange stats over the last few weeks, so I am not sure what accounts for the shortfall.

q1) Is there a way of turning off the hotspot wifi for public users ?

q2) I logged onto PlusNet website to get a quote for transferring, and their equivalent of Infinity 2 was not available on my line, infinity 1 only.     I assume this implies that BT Wholesale have my line down as problematic?

q3) (Theoretically) If I were to 'downgrade' to an infinity 1 package, would I get the same speed I am getting now - as it is within the infinity 1 range?  or would my speed be proportionately scaled down in some infinity 2/ infinity 1 maximum ration ?




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