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So BT Cut me off

Bit of a story here and not sure this is even this right place but here goes - May 21st reported an intermittent fault with BT, they ran tests and found an external fault so booked an engineers appointment for May 27th, i accepted this as the fault was intermittent and not causing too many issues. Went on holiday on May 24th so was expecting to come home on May 31st to a decent internet connection, was not the case, i now had no internet at all, got on the phone immediately and they explained that instead of the engineer fixing the intermittent fault, he decided to cut me of completely , no the only was to get me reconnected was to start a new order for my address, i accepted this (reluctantly) the new connection date was June 11th (yesterday up to midnight) Woke up this morning to still no internet, phoned again and have now been told that there must be fault on the line and we need another engineer appointment (next date for this is 17th July) i am lost for words and starting actually get stresses out with this situation now, my hands are tied and i feel so let down by BT

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Re: So BT Cut me off

does your phone line work?

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