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Some webpages not showing images

Ok this is an odd one.

I am an IT consultant and i am struggling to resolve this issue, BT keep throwing it back to our kit but this is what is happening...


When visiting some websites the images on the site dont load or the CSS doesnt load which makes the site just appear as text.


This happens on all devices, Desktop Pc, Laptop, Android Phones and iPad. All devices work fine on any other connection.

Playstation 4 cannot connect to PSN but can stream movies and games.

This happens on all browsers.


Router is a Draytek 2860 with current FW, it has been factory reset and reconfigured.

BT Hub also tried.


Changing DNS to and has not resolved the problem.


I have checked cabling and replaced the microfilter.


Example sites that are not working are:


So kind of stumped, has anyone else seen this problem and successfully resolved it?

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