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Speed Reduction, Stuttering


I'm on Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited.   In the last week, I have noticed a reduction in speed.  The last few ethernet connected speedtest's done range between 36Mbps and 45.1Mbps. 

Also, I'm experiencing delays in web pages loading but not everytime.  Say 1 in 3 clicks will act as if there is no internet and then a refresh will be the only way to load the page.  This is happening on hardwired/ethernet and wifi devices.   (It's this that caused me to check speeds etc)

Ping has also increased from usually being around 16ms to 27ms.

I am unable to get line stats due to a 3rd party router on a locked HG612 Huawei Modem.  Cabinet is ECI.

I did have a few powercuts regularly before finding out I had a faulty earth on an Oven element that was tripping the electrics.  Regular occurance for a few weeks but that was approx 1yr ago.  The speed reduced back then (I assume due to DLM because of the powercuts rebooting the modem) but the connection was still solid so did nothing about it.

No noise on the line and plugged into the master socket.

Anyone any ideas or a next step?  would a DLM reset help?




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