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Stuck in Appointment Booking loop

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I recently got got Fibre 100 FTTP installed and after the 10 days (settle in time)  at times it is slower that my original fttc which had the line stated at 52mb which gave me on average 48/49mb

The new Fibre 100 is at times lower than 48mb, sometimes in the 30's.

I did some online diagnostics via the BT site and the system stated that there is an issue outside my home and that it would be worked on.  Later I got an email saying that an engineer needed to visit and that I needed  to book an appointment.

Clicking on the link in the email takes me to a page with a 'Book an appointment' button.  Clicking on this takes me to another page which starts the diagnostics process again and which eventually says 'you already have an error raised which we are aware of' and I can't go any further to book the appointment.

So it appears that the workflow path on the website keeps me in a loop, any ideas?






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Re: Stuck in Appointment Booking loop

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Call the FTTP Team on 0800 587 4787 and report your fault.

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