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Super fast Fibre Plus - Speeds

I switched over to the new package yesterday and before the switch, i was getting 20mb download - with the new package i am told i can expect a minimum 32mb download.  Switch was completed yesterday and as yet i am not seeing any improvement - I assumed i would see some improvement - any ideas?


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Re: Super fast Fibre Plus - Speeds

there are numerous posts like yours dis you try searching for other posts?

can you post stats in hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information

can you enter your phone number and post results  delete number but leave exchange and cab

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Re: Super fast Fibre Plus - Speeds

If you were only getting 20Mb on an upto 55Mb Infinity 1 connection, then upgrading to Superfast+ on its own wouldn't improve your speed, it's a bit like if they upped the speed limit on a road you use to 100mph from 70mph, if your car could only do 40mph this new speed limit wouldn't help you at all, as your car couldn't do the initial 70 let alone 100.

Are you measuring throughout speed or connection speed ?...if you are connecting using wifi and doing a speed test from this device it isn't really what's guaranteed, you need to look at your router advanced statistics, perhaps you can log onto your router stats and post the results.
It's possible that your home environment is dragging your speed down, have you tried your router connected in the master socket test port , thereby eliminating any issues with internal wiring extension sockets ?
Enter your phone number and post the results ( minus your phone number ) from here

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