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Superfast Fibre or Superfast Fibre Essential ?

Hi all - I'm a little bit confused as was hoping someone could help.

I am currently on Sky's Fibre package and get around 33-35Mb.  This is the fastest package available from Sky (my line is not eligible for the top tier package).

My contract is nearly up so I was shopping around and noticed that the BT speed checker says I can get 2 products :

Superfast Fibre Essential
Superfast Fibre.

The estimates for Superfast Fibre Essential are 32-36Mb with a Stay Fast Guarantee of 30Mb and an upload of 5Mb-8Mb.

Superfast Fibre (the more expensive package) just says "Average speed 50Mb"

Would there be any point in me taking out the Superfast Fibre package rather than the Superfast Fibre Essential package - Is it likely to be the same speed ?

Attached is a screenie of the speed estimates :


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Re: Superfast Fibre or Superfast Fibre Essential ?

The difference is price for you, if your line doesn't support more than 40 mbps then Essential is perfect for you, Essential is upto 40 mbps Vs Superfast Fibre is up to 55 mbps.

However, Essential has an activation fee of £20, Superfast Fibre is giving free activation.
The reward card is also more on Superfast Fibre as it offers an extra £30 on the reward card, so that £30 and free activation is worth £50 to you but you'll pay an extra £5 per month which is £90 over the 18 month duration.

You'd be £40 better off with Essential over the 18 month duration, speed is the same, both are unlimited usage but Essential will give you a higher first bill due to the one-off activation fee plus £9.99 postage.

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Re: Superfast Fibre or Superfast Fibre Essential ?

if you can only get 33/35mb connection speed then you won't get any faster just because it says average speed 50mb  you can only get what your line can handle

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Re: Superfast Fibre or Superfast Fibre Essential ?

The "Average" speed referred to is the average speed of what the customers with that package get, it is not an average for your individual line.

This obviously means that some customers will get faster and some will get slower. Unfortunately for you you are in the slower group.

You need to base your decision on what you get now and what the guaranteed minimum speed is because you won't get any faster just because the package is faster if your line can not support it.

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