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Superfast Plus

I recently received an email telling me that Superfast Plus is now available in my area. I called BT and signed up for the enhanced service at a slightly higher cost than I was paying before. However, I have not seen any increase in speed whatsoever. My download speed is more or less exactly the same now as it was before. I spoke to BT broadband faults last night who told me that I'm getting about the right speed according to their own speed tests.

My question is how a 'plus' service can be giving me the same speed as its predecessor, even if it's on the right range? Why am I paying more for the same service?

I've lodged a complaint but BT won't do anything as it isn't a fault as such.

Have any other members of the community seen anything similar?

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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: Superfast Plus

I don't think superfast plus was giving a faster speed than previous package infinity 2 but was giving other benefits

your speed will be as it was before which you have found out 

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