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Suspect BT online speed availability check is inaccurate - what can I do?

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I'm renting a place that I'm going to move into at the end of this month and was looking at the various fibre packages on offer. When I use the online BT speed availability check, it shows me a maximum available speed of 26 Mbps at the new address - 


Even on the wholesale cheker, I get a similar result for available speeds at the address - 


However, I asked the current residents to carry out a speed test of their current BT connection and send across the results to me. That reports they're actually getting ~65 Mbps at the property


So somehow in this case, it looks like the BT online checker is innacurate. Given that all other providers use this availability to offer broadband packages online, none of them are offering anything above 26Mbps even though the property is already wired up for a much higher speed! 

Note that I'm only able to check using the address checker as the agent/landlord have absolutely no idea what the landline number is.

Given this situation, is there anything I can do before I move in to get the checker updated to provide a more accurate result? Even after I move in, if there's no way to find out what the landline number is, what can I do to convince providers that I'm actually eligible for packages providing much higher speeds than what the BT wholesale check is reporting? 

Any help would be much appreciated! 

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Re: Suspect BT online speed availability check is inaccurate - what can I do?

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I'm not sure what exactly the problem is, if you can order FTTC , you would get the speed your line can handle upto the limit of the package you buy, so ( as you are posting on a BT customer forum) , if you ordered  an upto 55Mb package (Infinity 1 , now called Superfast 1 ?)  and  your line has similar characteristics to the line who's speed test you have posted , you may well get the full 55Mb, regardless of the predictor giving a figure of 26Mb...they don't apply a cap at the figure predicted, although  initially they may only guarantee the lower figure.

 Presumably  the 26Mb estimate you have got is based on the postcode/address, if the person that provided a speed test , will also provide  their phone number , put that into the checker and see if the predicted speed shown is similar to the actual speed achieved or slower, it could be once the service has been provided and has real data , the predictor for the address will show the faster speed 

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Re: Suspect BT online speed availability check is inaccurate - what can I do?

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It doesn't matter what the checker says, you will get whatever speed the line is capable of. If it is currently getting 65M you will get 65M.


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