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Sync rate dropping / Speed Drop

Hi Guys,


Looking for some help, I've got a fault ticket open, but not alot seems to me happening and BT chat ain't working to help update the ticket.

For the benefit of any testing, I've put my BT HH5 back as main router.

So usual sync is 79999/20000, but had dropped to 71000 and now its down to 62000. I do have a low buzz on the quiet line test, hence ticket, and the inital testing did say they had found a fault on the line - but no idea how long this will take for any update. Would an engineer do a line check for the nosie / fault and reset my line to get the full sync back??

Much Appreicated.

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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: Sync rate dropping / Speed Drop

if there is noise on your line and you reported a phone fault to 151 not broadband then you should ge a phone engineer to sort out the line noise     your connection should start to improve once line noise is fixed but a phone engineer will not organise a line reset

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BT TV Expert
BT TV Expert
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Re: Sync rate dropping / Speed Drop


Sorry to hear your broadband speeds are dropping, I could take a look at your line for you. Just send me a private message with your landline phone number, thanks.


BT TV expertJack
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