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TalkTalk customer unable to get BT packages


Hope I'm in the right place for this issue and would be grateful for any replies.

I'm a TalkTalk customer out of contract and was wanting a to get a BT 50MB package.

I am getting speeds (with TalkTalk) of around 25MB/s and when I do an online check of whats available to my address, it states that it's 67MB/s.

When I select the package I want via the BT website and have gone through all the set-up, it gets to the very end (post spinning balls) and a page pops up saying that the package is unavailable to me and offers me broadband of 1-2MB/s for £22.99 or something.

Does anyone know why BT can't offer me a decent broadband speed?

Also, during the set-up it says that I will need a new phone number and doesn't give me the option to keep my existing one without stating why - is this right?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: TalkTalk customer unable to get BT packages

It may get your cabinet is full and there is a waiting list. Enter your address and post result.

switching provider will not give you any faster speed if best you can get currently is only 25mb

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