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Terrible Customer Service - Looking for high level complaints number/contact info

I am now into my 3rd month of problems which i will describe below, i should add that up until July 28th 2013 I was a very happy BT customer With Infinity 2 connected at 57-60meg down and virtually 20 meg up. My point of sale estimate was 64.6mbps down and 20mbps up.


I had heard through the rumour mill that BT Vision cuts your broadband speed, but because i wanted BT Sport on day of launch i telephoned sales twice. First call to ask about the broadband slow down but unfortunately nobody could give me a decisive answer. So iI left it 2 days and called again. I spoke to a girl in the sales dept, she again could not answer my question so I was transferred to a techie who told me "Your broadband will only be slower while you are watching a streamed channel. Once the vision box is turned to standby your broadband will be the same as it is now."

After hearing this I was put back to the same girl in sales and proceeded with my order for Vision with all channels.


July 29th came, Vision box arrived. Plugged it all in and no premium channels. So I left it for a few hours and during this time my broadband went off and came back on. Then the vision service worked. (had the odd connect this to a compatible homehub message every few tries, its plugged into a homehub 3).


A few hours later i download a file using my infinity and can only get 4.5mb/s (approx 40mbps), nothing like my normal 7.1mb/s - 7.7mb/s. I start doing a few tests and find my sync speed has dropped from the normal 55-60 meg and its now synced at 38 meg. Saying i am annoyed is an understatement, I phoned to check this would not happen, I was told it wouldnt and it has !!!!!


After many hours of waiting on hold, speaking to tier 1, tier 2 etc I was assigned a BTO engineer to visit my house. He came out changed the socket on wall, changed modem, and still i can only get sync speeds of between 38 and 44 meg. Then came the killer from the engineer. He said "Well your line max speed is only 43.98 meg as stated by the checker and your getting 44 now, so everything is fine." I am horrified, my chekcer always said 64.6 mbps before (I check this every 5-6 weeks to see if 100mbps is available yet so I know what it used to say). BT Have moved my goalposts now. Anyway while the Engineer is on site I asked if he could do a DLM reset for me. He said yes and proceeded to do it via a load of menu's on his mobile phone. As I expected after the DLM was reset my line connected at 58 meg down, 20 meg up (shown using the BTO engineers hand held unit), he resets the modem another 2 times, sync speed of 55 on 2nd connect and then 57 on 3rd connect. (Pretty much the same as I have had for 2 years), I think everything is all good and off goes the engineer. I get home from work and the infinity is still connected fine, downloads at 7.5mb/s everything is great all night long. Now heres the killer, at approx 3am the following morning (i was sleeping as are most people) the infinity modem decides to reconnect itself 3 times in a row (Obviously DLM doing its thing) and yes you guessed it back to 38 meg sync.


Its quite obvoius to me that the DLM profile has been altered when the tv service was activated, reading the literature available here there are 3 settings, Standard, Speed and Stable. I am pretty sure i have been shifted to stable (Which states is for IPTV services etc) without the need to ever alter my perfectly stable line for 2 years.


Now BT simply cannot give me back my missing 10-15 meg of downstream no matter who i speak to. I have over the last 8 weeks and 2 days spoken to around 15 customer support reps, 5 or 6 desk/line managers and when asking to speak to a centre manager they cannot put me through. Each one of these people either try and fob me off with things like (Copper lines do deteriorate over time, extra customers in your area are using the speed etc), Its all rubbish.


I have also made a complaint and got put through to a very stern lady who went back and listened to my sales calls when ordering the vision service, she came back to me and said "You have been mis-sold BT Vision", but you will not cancel the service as I have passed my 7 day cooling of period. Even though this fault was reported on the day I had the vision service.


So now 2 months and 2 days later Im still stuck with slower than before broadband and a vision box that If i plug in the mains absolutely kills my network with udp multicast packets. Its now back in its box, I cannot use that either.


What I want is someone who has the authority to contact BTO and request that the DLM on my line is altered back to either standard or speed. I have asked until I am blue in the face and every time nothing is done.


I have spoken to Ofcom today and they have advised me to put all this into writing to the complaints dept which I will do, they have told me that if BT have agreed you were mis-sold a service then there is no reason why BT shouldnt cancel my contract. All I want is to have my original speeds back as they were on 28th July 2013.


Lets put it this way. If you went to buy yourself a Ferrari, you had this car for 2 years and one night someone came and exchanged it for a Ford Focus, your still expected to pay for the ferrari but you have to keep the focus, would anyone be happy about it? It would be fine if I had only had 44 meg since day 1, but I have had virtually 60 meg since day 1. Its too much of a drop to do nothing about it.


Can a mod or someone here get me the help I need before I have to go for the deadlock letter and the ombudsman?


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Re: Terrible Customer Service - Looking for high level complaints number/contact info

The forum moderators will get involved in this post as soon as they read your post they will post there reply and give you a contact link to them

Please do not send them a personal message, as your message will not be tracked properly.also the mod you personal message may not be on duty for some time and that will delay your help further.  


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Re: Terrible Customer Service - Looking for high level complaints number/contact info

Hi Ballz,

If you fill out the contact us link in the about me section of my profile we can take a look at this for you.
BT mod Team.
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