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The Minimum guaranteed Speed should mean Guarantee!



i Quote


"We estimate your download speed will be 22MB and your upload speed will be 5MB."


The minimum guarenteed speed you can expect from your BT Infinity will be 20MB."


Right. There is a "key word" here, guarenteed.


So after major initial connection problems, my switchover lines were incorrectly rigged so at 17.00 I was without phone/ Iternet for 3 weeks until the Open Reach Engineer correctly connected the Cabinet I waited for the mandatory 10 days for my speed to reach the "gaurenteed" 20 MB.


It did not! It wasnt close. My speed varied from a low 11 MB up to a good day 15 MB.


I went through the process of reporting this to BT and the standard, on hold then Line test which is mandatory.


The Engineer was booked and arrived.


This professional Guy went through the standard line test, cabinet test and came to the following conclusion;


BT/Open Reach had claimed that the distance from the Cabinet to my property was approximatly 800 Mtres. ( A shame as my property is a new build on a modern Estate).


The Engineer said in fact he had "chased" the cable distance and it was more like 1.8 KM from Cabinet to my property. Not " as the crow flies" but running up to one end of the estaste then back through the estaste and then back again to my property. Which he explained " no idea why?"


He then explained that there was a much closer cabinet which unfortuantly was not yet "fibre enabled".


He then explained that there was another closer cabinet to my property approximatly 100 Metres away but he could not "transfer" me to this as it was not as easy to do as just flickin a switch and involved moving cables etc which would have to be approved by BT/Open Reach and that would probably not be authorised due to cost effectivness.


There was another issue aswell!


The main unground junction which is at the end of my close ( approximatly 20 Metrs away)


When tested the speed was approximatly 15MB but when my House speed was tested it was 10MB!


I had lost 5MB of speed in 20 Metres!


Right. What would be done to ensure my Guaranteed speed?


The Engineer said that if i was lucky to be moved cabinets I still had the loss of speed from the junction and this could invlove digging up cables and all sorts.


Now. Its a brand new housing estate. Were incorrect cables laid by the developer?


So it was back to BT to ask how they would " guarantee" my 20 MB?



Would BT/Open Reach move me to another Cabinet? NO.

Would BT/Open Reach check the Cables that run from the junction to my Property? No.


What is the solution?


Heres the best bit.


BT have told me I cannot get the "guaranteed" speed and theres nothing that can be done.


"Its a guaranteed" speed as the contract", I told them, so what are you going to do to guarantee that you give me my speed?


"There is nothing we can do", said BT.


BT did offer a surprise suggestion. To end this contract I would not be charged £200 cancelation policy or, I could go back to BT Broadband at speeds of up to 2MB!


What about the guaranteed speed? This is what the contract said. My neighbours also have the slow speed so its not just one house on the close. 


"Sorry" said BT. There is nothing we can do. You can leave BT or change your Broadband package!


Now let me though this at you;


You take your Family for a £30 Three course meal


When it comes to your dessert the waiter says " No dessert today available, but you must still pay £30!


So in a nutshell.


Guaranteed 20MB.

Achieved 15 MB Maximum.

Asked for what I'm being charged.

Told can't do anything.

Told to leave BT or change to even slower Broadband.


Is this a breach of Contract? Yes.


What do I do next?


Write everything down on the BT Forum. And see if anything happens.


I'M Waiting now for a solution!












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Re: The Minimum guaranteed Speed should mean Guarantee!

The guarantee was based on records that weren't correct. Not a lot they can do. Not a lot you can do.
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Re: The Minimum guaranteed Speed should mean Guarantee!

If they can't give you the guaranteed speeds, then they are in breach of contract and you would be entitled to leave without penalty but it depends upon their exact wording of the contract.

My experience with BT is you must have something in writing.

When I signed up, I was given an estimated speed not a guaranteed speed and my actual speed was faster than the guaranteed speeds but I and others on this forum have seen speeds decrease over time with BT not doing anything unless it drops below their guaranteed speed.


Unfortunately the speed that you can expect is subject to the length of copper cable from the cabinet to the premises and it will be the same regardless of who you are with (except maybe Virgin with their coax cable).

I am not defending BT here, I am just making you aware of problems with high speed signals over copper wire. I remember googling this ages ago to see how speed varies with distance.


Here is a link that may help:


I do think that they should offer you a discount for not being able to achieve the quoted speeds but this is BT we are talking about so good luck with that.

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Re: The Minimum guaranteed Speed should mean Guarantee!

See link about guaranteed line speed and what you can do about it.

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Re: The Minimum guaranteed Speed should mean Guarantee!

You're lucky.


I paid for 22 and got 6mb down and 0.1 up ! "But our guarantee is only 9mb" - BT said. Now many things may have changed since I was at school but I am sure 6 is still less than 9 🙂


However just got a 4G EE device for £44 pcm and 50GB. 18 down and 8 up.


Winner and just about to cancel my 3 x bt broadband lines, 2 x ISDN.


BT engineers are superb but the infrastructre is rubbish. The days of copper and fibre in slightly out of town areas is doomed and 4G is the way to go IMHO.


Just my 2p's worth.


Did enjoy 5 hours of video in a mini coach at Xmas with 3G and 4G all the way. Where was I? being driven between Bangkok andn the North East in Thailand where they have just switched off 2G as 3G and 4G are so good. Most of the time it was fields out of the window of the van but still managed to watch films - priceless !


One day we'll catchup with the developing world ha ha






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Re: The Minimum guaranteed Speed should mean Guarantee!

The cabinets, the cables, and the ducts they run in are all owned by Openreach.  There's nothing that BT retail can do about it.  Openreach are extremely reluctant to re-route cables, as it's a lot of expense for them for very little return.  There's probably no duct that runs between you and the cabinet that's 100m away.


The guarantee is that if BT cannot provide you with the speed they said they would, even after sending out someone to try to fix it, then you can cancel the contract and walk away.


As you've discovered, that's not a lot of use if the alternatives are all even slower.

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Re: The Minimum guaranteed Speed should mean Guarantee!

BT guarantees you the speed but Openreach don't guarantee them anything.
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