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There is fibre available but bt say no

I am moving into a house tomorrow and have been trying to sort fibre out with BT. The house we are attached to has it but BT say its not available. My parents had exactly the same problem a couple of years ago and they actually got the managing director involved in the end. BT are a nightmare to deal with In fact the properties either side of the house have fibre, I even know which cabinet is used but alas BT cannot give me a date or a way forward.  They don't seem to believe me when I tell them that fibre is available, 'computer says no'. Anyone out there any ideas?

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Re: There is fibre available but bt say no

Once your line is active, you'll get a more accurate check on what the line supports, if it still shows no fibre and you're sure the info is wrong, you can ask BT to raise what's known as an ORDI (Openreach Date Integrity) and Openreach will check their database and update any inaccuracies.

The BT system only goes off what Openreach records show, It's not always right.

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Re: There is fibre available but bt say no

All ISPs including BT will give the same answer and fibre is only available if when you can enter phone number into dslchecker and shows fibre available.

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