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Re: There's a hole in my upload...

Resurecting an old post but it's a continuation. Uploading 40GB to WeTransfer. I use the paid Pro version. FFC78/18 all good and stable.

Download taking 6 hours and then "failed" at the final stage, which maybe a WeTransfer problem. Started upload again at 3am when the world and me should be asleep, its still going to take 6 hours so with 45minutes left, everything is crossed. I appreciate there can be various bottlenecks so three questions for the Gurus:

1 Do BT throtle back upload sites like WeTransfer

2 Is there software like MailParse that can trace a route and see the bottlenecks.

3 Any recommendations for File upload sites that are fast and stable. FWIW I dumped Hightail 2+ years ago as it was becoming hopeless.

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