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There's fibre in my area, but not to my property.

So the flat I currently live in gets about 1mb, and it's very intermittent. It's a new build area, and has been troubled for years now in terms of fibre availability.  


I've been told the flat I live in has FTTP infrastructure built-in, but it isn't enabled, although I have no way of verifying this.  


Even without that, I can't get FTTC either, which I find strange since apparently there's people across the street with fibre.  


When I check my postcode in Newton Leys, Milton Keynes - the street is numbered 1-31. 1-15 are "exploring solutions", while 17-31 are "ultrafast accepting orders".  


So there's fibre here, I really need faster internet - it's been years with this poor connection and nothing seems to be being done about it.  


What can I do?  

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Re: There's fibre in my area, but not to my property.

If this is a new build I suggest speaking with the developer. They will have a contact in the Openreach newsites department who should be able to look into it.

I suspect it's just a database issue.
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