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Re: Throttled connection? - Very confused and frustrated.

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@Parabola5551 wrote:



I've been a BT customer for well over 2 and a half years now with a BT Infinity 2 (fibre optic only) deal. I received a standard setup with a HomeHub 5 - Type A. On the day I got the fibre optic installed, I took a speed test as I was very excited to finally experience download speeds of well over 1MB/s (referring to megaBYTES not bits).



Please note, these tests were all 100% wireless - read until the end before saying 'use wired'.



Here is the result of this test:


As you can see, the speeds are 59.58Mb/s down and 9.21Mb/s up. This test was taken on 13/1/2014 at 5:22 PM GMT which was the evening of the day when my fibre was installed. 


Since that date, my internet has been getting slower. 


This is a test which I took today when nobody was at home using the internet


The speed on this test is 41.25Mb/s down and 3.60Mb/s up. This is a massive decrease in my opinion, especially in the upload speed. I do a lot of content creation for YouTube so I need a consistently high upload speed.



Now, I spoke to a number of customer support staff online via livechat and they've stated that my line speed is maxed to 46-49Mb/s (they've all stated different things). How was it possible that my initial internet download speeds were at 59.58Mb/s if my line can only hold 49Mb/s without BT changing them?


I understand that at peak times (and just in general) the exchange box might get congested thus making speeds slower but I don't believe this is the case. I am a very heavy downloader so I'm guessing it's BT throttling my speed. Is there any way for me to confirm that it is BT throttling my speeds? If so, how can I get them to 'un-throttle' and get me back to at least 59Mb/s?

BT do not throttle speeds. You are probably suffering from the effects of crosstalk. As more people are connected to your cabinet the effect of crosstalk worsens. I have lost about 15Mb/s to crosstalk since the day I was connected.

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Re: Throttled connection? - Very confused and frustrated.

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Your attainable is 56mb and I would expect your connection to get nearer that but possibly depending on crosstalk nearer 52/53mb. But you need stable 24/7 connection and it can take a few weeks for it to happen

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Re: Throttled connection? - Very confused and frustrated.

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Right, okay. Thank you!

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