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Re: Throughput as a % of sync speed

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It's totally normal for any xDSL service to reconnect/reboot every 14 days.

Automatic installation, by BT, of new router firmware will cause a reboot.

These disconnections etc. are meant to happen in early hours of the morning. 4am ish.

As xDSL is 'scared of the dark' SNRs are always lower at night resulting in a lower sync speed.

Your manual reset ,during the day?, will result in a higher sync rate.

As for your 'modem' reaming untouched I can only conclude that your modem knows when you turn the hub off and 'reboots itself' giving you the results you have observed.

Always had BT hub with built in modem.

Ok back from the shed my old HH5-Type A has both red WAN and Grey DSL connections is yours the same?

xDSL = ADSL or VDSL etc.
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Re: Throughput as a % of sync speed

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Been a while since I looked at this.

After 348 days, for some reason my connection  restarted with a lower DL sync speed but with the same profile. Same IP but new value for INP = 57 up from previous value of 54.

So, summary is:

Sync speed = 47174, Profile = 43000, Avg DL speed test = 41338.

%-wise we have:   Profile = 91.2% of Sync speed;  Avg DL speed = 96.1% of Profile.

These are now nearer to what I would expect; before I couldn't reconcile the % drop from Sync speed to Profile.

However, bottom line is that I've still lost around 5Mbps real world download speed simply by re-contracting, when I was specifically assured that my connection would not be affected in any way.

Not much chance of getting anything done about this, as I'm well within the estimated speeds for my connection, so I'm stuck with this for 18 months (they refused to renew for 12 months this time). With hindsight I wish I'd switched to a Sky deal (we already have Sky TV) when my previous contract was up. I'd have only dropped a few more Mbps and saved a load of cash. Lesson learned.

Thanks for all your input on this.

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