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Tidal keeps dropping out - broadband intermittently goes slow

My broadband started playing up several months ago, with the phone line crackling as well. At the samre time Tidal kept dropping out making listening to music very frustrating. An engineer came to look at it and done some temporary repairs under a manhole cover outside of the house.  The engineer stated he put a ticket into the system to get a permanent repair.  Tidal continued to drop out and I still experienced slow broadband and I put in another call.  The engineer arrived this morning, confirmed the ticket had been raised for a full repair to the issue discovered under the manhole (from what I have been told water is flooding into the box which has lost it's water sealant).  The engineer replaced my previous filter with an in box filter and claimed to have measure performance at 44mbs.  Appeared Ok for an hour or so and then, broadband started to perform slowly (uploads taking an age for work) and Tidal was dropping out.  Is it a case of escalating the repair or is there someting else I should look at?

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Re: Tidal keeps dropping out - broadband intermittently goes slow

If you have noise on your line you need to report it as a line fault, don't mention broadband or you'll end up in the wrong queue.

Once the noise is rectified you internet should improve.

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