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Totally Confused About BT Full-Fibre Email Offer

So, about 3 months ago, BT put in fibre to our house (FTTP) and it’s running very nicely at 74Mb down and 20Mb up. According to the web site, we’re on the Fibre with Halo 1 package, with a stay fast guarantee of 34Mb. Via email, I’ve just been offered a zero-cost upgrade to Full Fibre 100 with BT Halo 1, but I can’t see what the hidden catch is.

Whilst extra speed is always nice, it’s not really essential for my purposes. The email says the upgrade is zero cost but when I look on the BT web site, my “personalised broadband offers” say that I can have Full Fibre 100 with BT Halo 1 for around 12 quid more than I’m already paying for the Fibre 1 package. So, which is correct; the email saying zero cost or my web site personalised offer saying an additional 12 quid? The email says that this offer will require a 24-month contract (not a problem) and that my monthly price will stay the same at the end of it but is this guaranteed? Lastly, the email small print says “Our calling plans have changed so when you upgrade we'll recommend one of our new plans for you based on the type of calls you make at the moment.”.... what’s all this about? And is this where I get hit with a previously-hidden price rise?

If anybody can offer some clarification about the pro's and cons (especially the latter!) of this apparent 'freebie', it would be much appreciated. IMHO BT would have a lot less problems if, when they make a change, they explain it clearly and don’t have contradictory info scattered all over their web site and emails!. Thanks in advance for all replies

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Re: Totally Confused About BT Full-Fibre Email Offer

Give the options team a ring, they'll go through everything with you.

0800 800 030

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