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UltraFast - Beighton Sheffield


I am trying to find out more details about when Ultrafast Broadband will be activated on my street - I live on Springwell Drive, Beighton, Sheffield, S20 1XA.

Speaking with the BT Openreach Engineers several times in the street over recent weeks the have they confirmed that all the Fibre cabling is installed for my road (Springwell Drive), Springwell Crescent, Springwell Avenue and Springwell Grove.

Springwell Grove and Springwell Avenue Residents are able to place an order for UltraFast Broadband but residents on Springwell Drive and Crescent are not.

I have contacted BT Openreach and all they say is that it will be activated by the end of the year which is a bit vague to say the least.

I have registered my interest but still no joy.

I check the BT Openreach Website every week to see if anything has changed but still not available.

One of the engineers suggested that it could be a case of not enough people have registered interest!

But how can they register interest if they don't know its available !

Is it a case of having to tell all my neighbours to register interest to trigger some some sort of threshold so that they will switch the service on?

Also will other broadband providers be able to use the fibre that has been installed i.e. Sky, Plusnet etc as well as BT Customers.



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Re: UltraFast - Beighton Sheffield


BT Openreach do not exist. Its just Openreach, and they provide the connections for most providers.

As this is just a BT Retail customer forum, with no connection to Openreach, your only option is to ask Openreach.


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Re: UltraFast - Beighton Sheffield

FWIW, the tech that said perhaps not enough people has registered an interest is nonsense, they don’t install network that way, if it were in a not commercial viable area they may wait until enough interest registered, but you are already passed that point ..the network is in the course of provision.
The chances are it just isn’t ready for service yet, when it is , ISP’s that consume Openreach FTTP products will be able to raise orders for their customers….it’s simply a case of keep checking, the way the network is planned and the density of the housing means a quite a lot of new network will be needed , each new PON will have around 30 connections, the PON your address will be connected to may still need providing or commissioning, even if some cables have been installed ready for that purpose, whereas those a few 100 metres away will be on a PON , that is of no use to you, but was earlier in the build process and is ready for service for those addresses it services .

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Re: UltraFast - Beighton Sheffield

Thats useful information thanks.

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