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Ultrafast 2

Hello Everyone,

I recently upgraded from the old infinity 4 to Ultrafast 2 which advertised a guaranteed minimum speed of 100Mbps down and 10Mbps up. 

When I was on infinity 4 using my BT Smart Hub 6 I was getting speeds of 300+Mbps down and 35Mbps up. When the change went through I had not received the new Ultrafast Hub and I was still getting speeds of 33+Mbps down and 35Mbps up.

Now I have received and plugged in my new Ultrafast Hub the download speed has more than halved in speed from roughly 315Mbps on average to about 145Mbps now.

Now I do understand normalisation when new packages are put in place as well as new equipment, however, the package has been in place for almost 2 weeks now and it only dropped with the introduction of the new Ultrafast hub.

Now, I understand that they offer a minimum speed guarantee with compensation for not hitting it, but who do  I trust when the speed test in my BT account says 114Mbps down but BT Wholesale checker states 94Mbps down.

Im not one to run after claiming for things but what I do expect is for a faster service to be faster not half the speed of my last package.

Here is the Wholesale checker showing 92.83Mbps down and 34.40Mbps up

2018-09-03 (2).png

Here is another locally installed speed tester showing an even slower download speed.

2018-09-03 (1).png

This is on a direct CAT 6 ethernet cable into the ultrafast hub so gigabit end to end and still is **bleep**.

Any answers to this BT because if it wasn't for the fact that no one else can provide me with fibre broadband as no one else is taking it up I assume because you are making it way to cost ineffective for other providers I would be elsewhere right now!

I dont expect to "upgrade" to a faster product and receive less than half of what I was getting on my old package!!!




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Re: Ultrafast 2

just to add to this it has gotten even slower on BT checker


2018-09-03 (4).png

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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: Ultrafast 2

Btspeedtester has been giving odd/incorrect results and is a known problem at present. You can try

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Re: Ultrafast 2

Basic troubleshooting 101, remove ultrafast hub and re-connect smart hub, does that get  the speed back?

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