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Unable to get Fibre in a Fibre Enabled Area

Can anybody offer any advice to how I should approach this?

I have moved into a new build property completed in 2016 and have had standard broadband since moving in. I have tried to order Fibre Broadband however it states that it is not yet available in my area.

Upon reviewing BT Openreach, every exchange in the town is Fibre enabled and the streets surrounding the whole estate in every direction have fibre availability.

The map when I type my postcode into the search for exchange comes to an exchange about 8 miles away, which is not correct, I am from the nearest exchange which is about 300 metres from the site.

I don't see how I can get past this hurdle, and when I speak to anyone on the phone, they don't seem to be able to offer any practical options.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Unable to get Fibre in a Fibre Enabled Area

Enter your phone number and post results remember delete number

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Re: Unable to get Fibre in a Fibre Enabled Area

If you are really close to the exchange (300 metres) then it's quite likely that you will be on a E/O line, in other words , the line from the exchange doesn't go via a 'cab' to get to your home but is 'exchange only' , and if that's the case , there wouldn't be FTTC ( fibre to the cabinet) availability for your 'line'...however if you are only on a 300m line you should get pretty good speed from exchange based ADSL2+
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