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Unable to renew BT contract

I received a letter telling me to renew my contract but every time I have logged in to do this, it says it cannot show personalised offers. I think I managed to view them once but was not ready to renew until I had compared with other offers. I really don't want to spend hours on hold. 

I would cancel my contract with BT in a flash if it wasn't for the fact that they are one of a few providers of FTTP internet. Grr. 

Also, it's very off-putting to renew a contract with a company who gives new customers better deals than existing customers and existing customers' bills increase year-on-year. Eventually, I'll be paying double for the exact same service as a new customer. I don't understand that logic. 

What are my options here? 

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Re: Unable to renew BT contract

try options team who are dealing with renewals and see if you can negotiate a better deal  0800800030

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