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Understanding what “stay fast guarantee” means

I am trying to understand what stay fast guarantee means. I started a new contract in July 2021 and if I look at my account today in myBT the following is reported. 

Fibre 100 Halo 3

28Mb - 31Mb

Download speed

13Mb - 14Mb

Upload speed
When I took the contract out it reported download speeds of around 66Mb so I also do not understand why this has changed and got significantly worse. 
When I run the BT app speed test it reports anything  between  19Mb to 65Mb and never near the 100Mb speed. It always recommends running more tests but the app does not allow this. 
I have spoken to BT engineers about this and no one seems to be able to explain what the figures mean. The initial installation engineer and the last technical support engineer who visited seemed to accept that around 65Mb was good but I feel I should be getting over 100Mb as that is what I was paying for and BT guaranteed.  Both engineers suggested their was an openreach problem and then closed the fault so nothing happened to fix this. 

Recently the broadband has been getting worse so I raise a new fault. Finally a new engineer resolved the problem and I am getting around 145Mb which is much better and meets the guarantee. 

But I am very unhappy as I have had nearly 6 months of poor service and broadband. I feel the engineers  have not taken my complaints seriously as the account reports much slower expected downloads speeds. Any help trying to understand this would be much appreciated as I don’t feel I have been treated well.

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Re: Understanding what “stay fast guarantee” means

When you signed up to BT you should have been given the minimum speed that BT deemed as acceptable and that anything below that would fall into the "Stay Fast Guarantee" and as such it a fault could be lodged and BT would endeavour to get your broadband back to at least the minimum guaranteed speed.

See link

 What is BT's Stay Fast Guarantee? | BT Help

It would appear that the earlier "engineers" did not trace let alone fix what was causing your loss in speed and that fortunately the latest engineer did his job properly and resolved the problem.

Without knowing what the fault was and what the engineer did to fix it it is difficult to add anything further other than you probably have good grounds for complaint. 


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Re: Understanding what “stay fast guarantee” means

If the previous engineers said it was an Openreach problem then they weren't Openreach engineers.

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