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Upload speed on fttp 300MB just 3mbps - BT do not care/ Not helping/Rude/Horrible CS Agent.

Right, So I use an edge router, which has always worked fine, and everything is dandy.

Had Internet trouble the last couple of days, and Gave BT a call. They are refusing to service my line or find out or investigate WHY my upload speed (from my ethernet connected desktop) is just 3mbps.

There are no other devices using traffic on the network.

The only thing is I am not using the Smart Hub, and I am using a Mikrotik, which is an enterprise-grade Router used in industry and is basically 6,000 times more impressive than the ISP supplied router.

By download, speed is 300mbps, so its not my ethernet line, and my ethernet is full duplex, so it is not an issue with my House. This is upload speed, and it is most likely a problem in the exchange of one of their configs.

I spoke to Sean in the Fibre faults team, who refuses to help, say's my complaint is unreasonable, will not put me through to a manager and won't *FIX* the issue.

I had to email the CEO Phillip, (BT) Clive (Openreach) and Ayden, A fibre engineer, to speak to someone that respect's that the customer is not a total **bleep**, and does know a thing or two about networking.

I wish I were speaking to someone in CS who understood networking at an infrastructure level and was capable of doing more than just Connecting to TR069 on a smart hub via their browser window and run a fault check from the Openreach side?
Is it that problematic BT? Run an Openreach line check and test the fibre throughput?
Why do I need to allow a Trojan Horse into my network permanently, to get the service I am paying for?

My ethernet is good, and My download is 300, my cabling is fine, my router is excellent, everything is fine on my side, the upload is 3mbps (Not fine), why can't he fix it without me reconfiguring my network?

++ I asked to speak to Sean's manager and make a complaint. He refused to allow me to do so, which I have never experienced before and found quite shocking.

He also said I am unreasonable by not rewiring my entire home network so he can do a TR069 before he does a proper line check.

Am I stupid here? I want to know?

I do not believe it is part of my contract that I *MUST* in All instances use the ISP supplied router, I would never agree to this term.

Is it fair for my ISP to give me 7% of the advertised upload speed, and then refuse to resolve the issue because I am using my gear????

I am super confused here.......

*SIGH..... BT... BT... *SIGH* so disappointed.

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Re: Upload speed on fttp 300MB just 3mbps - BT do not care/ Not helping/Rude/Horrible CS Agent.

Why don’t you fit the supplied kit whilst the problem is investigated, and hopefully resolved , then you can remove the SH2 and reinstall your own kit again, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me to say that what you use isn’t supported by them....TBH, it’s a residential service , that comes with kit that can be interrogated/ interacted with  by the ISP customer service reps,  once you discard that kit, any support is bound to be limited, the reps are not likely to be network specialists, just  trained on the ISP’s own kit.

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Re: Upload speed on fttp 300MB just 3mbps - BT do not care/ Not helping/Rude/Horrible CS Agent.


Thanks for your message.

I appreciate what your saying, I will explain what I have told them and also my findings, & issues.


Gutting  my network of the edge router, will cause all my DNS leases to expire and everything to go down. I have worked hard on my firewall config's, VPN ingress, and various other components that make up my Dev stack.
I rely heavily on VM's Mac ID and a few other things for devices to @"Talk to Each other."

I am not experiencing a total blackout, just a significant drop in the upload. I have even ssh'd into my Router (VPN into the network, SSH into VM, -> VM into Router from Lan side for security) and run a speed test from the router itself to 8 different London based speed test servers which have up to 10gbps full-duplex.


Across my entire Lan I  get a full 1GBPS/Duplex.

And also the Ingress speed from wan (Download) is 300mbps, there's no explanation for a 3mbps Upload.

My configured MTU is Optimum (1472 I think, no dropped frames).

``` So i have pretty much done all the checks they would do, ``` I am not sure why they cant just run a line check via Openreach and find out if there is a fault with my profile at t he exchange side?


Is there any need for me to gut my network just for CS to confirm what I already know, or refuse to help me / fix the upload issue and leave me without support?


Not really sure, I have asked to be escalated to someone more specialist and more knowledgeable in networking, (Which they would obviously do anyway after TR069 checks) because i Do not expect a CS rep to have sufficient knowledge to fix the line fault themselves.


but I am up against a brick wall. so Moving forward, I need to work out if my service will not be supported if I use my own router rather than theirs?

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