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VDSL line noise from router, poor SNR

Hi There,


I have decided to present my issue here as I have been struggling since the end of March with my VDSL connection and after 4 engineer visits the problem still persists.


The Problem

  • I can here the router's modem connect through to the exchange on my phone line.
  • When a connection is made I can hear data transfer on the line.
  • When I connect a phone the vdsl link disconnects
  • When I receive a phone call the vdsl link disconnects
  • When I pick up the receiver the vdsl link disconnects
  • This has resulted in my current connection rate gradually dropping from 15mb (persistent for 14 months) to as low as 300kps.
  • I will often see max attainable Down line speed fluctuate between 12mb and 423,753,476mb
  • I will often see max attainable Up line speed fluctuate between 30kps and 423,753,476mb
  • There are often thousands of error packets generated on the line.
  • Down Line attenuation is constant in the range of 35.5db and 37db
  • Up line attenuation is constant in the range of 14db to 18.5db
  • Line can be connected between few seconds or several hours

Testing Equipment

the following routers have been used since March with the same symptoms

BTHub4, BTHub5 & TP-Link N600 (TD-9980)


Broadband cable (from router to master socket) x4

SSFP Infinity faceplate x2

DSL filers (when using master socket) x4


Openreach engineer visits

  1. reported as a line fault: engineer found an issue with cabling on the pole and corrected. Line checks passed, suggested DSL speed (up to) 7.5mb down
  2. reported as a broadband fault: Engineer did not find any problems but replaced the SSFP faceplate. The noise was still on the line, but he conceded that he did not know the problem.
  3. reported as both a line and broadband fault. Line checked and was better than expected. noise still heard on line. line was re-profiled at 14.4mb down.


Engineer 3 visited on 09/06/16. The broadband speed dropped from an initial 14.4mb to 6mb (15/06/2016) the noise on the line has increased over this period and the SNR has dropped.


On 14/06/2016 for a period from 11:12am to 16:34 the line disconnected well over 100 times during this period. At the worst point I was able to get a DSL line but no phone line.


I am aware of the site: which when used will report the same speed through which I connect at any given test attempt. results:



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Re: VDSL line noise from router, poor SNR

I have now had the fault reopened and an engineer visit is scheduled for June 23rd. 


Another strange thing is that the agent in the call centre this morning did not ask any questions (other than security) about the fault, nor did any line tests. He just said "I have been told to get an engineer out to you" with no explaination of the problem required from myself which is good.

What I find hard to understand is that when engineers have visted in the past they have never been given the history of the faults and being in a rural location, there is not much hisotry of issues from other locations in the area either. So they are going in pretty much blind.


We'll see what happens on June 23rd.



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Re: VDSL line noise from router, poor SNR

So I went online to check the faults as I had not had the usual confirmation text of an engineer visit being setup to find that the fault has now been marked as completed!


I am very angry, why can people not do what they claim they will do.

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Re: VDSL line noise from router, poor SNR

I had a call back today after my complaint and an Engineer has been scheduled to come out tomorrow 18/06.

I suspect that we have a HR issue somewhere between the cabinet and I.

Oh and the line quality is really bad now. So many errors and the max speed struggles to reach 1mb/s
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Re: VDSL line noise from router, poor SNR

Now waiting on a engineer visit. I have seen on the faults site that the fault is with an engineer today 18/06. When I used the text chat service on the website last night it was confirmed that an appointment was in place.


As I had not recieved a notification that an engineer would attend (usually by text), I called up customer services. They now say that an engineer appointment was not setup.



TDLR: I am very confused. I have been told and can see that there is an appointment on the website.But I have not recieved a text confirming it.. I wait.

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Re: VDSL line noise from router, poor SNR

okay so a pre arranged call back after the engineer visit...

..well the engineer did not turn up!

So this was a 'level 2' agent working the broadband department. They apologised for the engineer failing to turn up then listened again to the problem and the comments that were left when the previous engineer visited. She seemed to spend a lot of time updating information on 'my case'.

I was transferred to the phone line team. I had to explain the problem again. Confirming that I have tried all the steps that are on their checklist. I was then put on hold whilst the phone line agent spoke to the broadband team

...the line was cut off.

I have heard that we can claim back £10 for each missed Openreach appointment. As I have now had 3 no shows in June, anyone know how I can get this compensation?
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Re: VDSL line noise from router, poor SNR

I did receive a call back from BT after to line cut out and I was passed across to another technical desk.

At first they wanted to send another Home Hub, put I declined this offer as I now have 2 HH4 and 2HH5 as well as my TD-9980.

So this time a broadband engineer will be sent. I also thought it best that this was not arranged for the next working day as these always seem to fail. Maybe there is a communication issue here?

So I wait until Thursday, maybe the engineer will show up. Maybe this painful experience will finally be over. We will see.
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Re: VDSL line noise from router, poor SNR

So they booked an incorrect appointment at a time that I was not at the property. telling me when I contact them that it cannot be changed.


This has now gone on for 3 months with v poor dsl service and impossible to use phone line.


what can be done!!!

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Re: VDSL line noise from router, poor SNR

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: VDSL line noise from router, poor SNR

Hi @seancswash I have to agree that booking the wrong appointment is not acceptable and I'm sorry that happened.

We will be happy to help you with this if you send us your details. You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods.


Community ModeratorJohnC
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