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Various connection problems for years now.

Hi, I've been having a problem for years now where my connection slows down to unusable speeds. I notice it a lot when I'm gaming, ping will jump from 20-30ms to around 2000-3000, which obviously isn't playable. This has been happening for about 8 years now, and we've had engineers out in the past who tried to fix it but nothing ever improved. The internet is fine when it's stable, but at least once or twice a day it'll do this lag thing and be like that for maybe minutes, sometimes hours. More recently aswell, the ping has been spiking to around 100ms, for no apparent reason. I tried monitoring live bandwidth usage, there were no downloads or anything that could be causing it. So now I have two problems, one is the huge loss of connection and unusability, and then this smaller drop in connection that is also irritating. I've run a pingplotter test (using tracerts and whois) to see where the faults lie, and looks like there's a few things happening.

1) When the internet is fine, there is always around 70-80% packet loss on hop 3, I presume this is normal

2) When the smaller connection issue occurs, the graph looks like it does below, with packet loss on hops 4-8, I presume this is a BT issue. 

3) When the major connection problem happens, the graph looks similar to below just without any packet loss on hop 6. 

Any ideas on what could be causing this? We are on fibre but it's a rural area so the speed in the test is good for where we are.










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