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Video Buffering Problems

Hope this is in the correct place as I believe it to be either a connection or PC issue.


With buffering (on YouTube) a 2 min 29 sec video took 2 min 57 sec to watch and a 2 min 57 sec video took 5 min 58 sec to watch. Whilst writing a 1 min 17 sec video has now been buffering for over 4 minutes having played the first 23 seconds.


There is no problem with the wifi at all as I have just tried this on my iphone with no problems whatsoever, 2 HD videos of 3 and 5 minutes played faultlessly.


I use the BT plugs to run the cable through the home electrics from router to PC and use Firefox for browsing (refreshed yesterday).


This problem only started about 4 weeks ago having been on infinity since Feb 2017.


On speed tests download shows between 6 Mb/s to 50 Mb/s, the 6 only happening once and the lowest above that shows at 19 but generally over 23.


Similarly, upload shows between 4 Mb/s (only the once) and over 9 on the other 10 tests.


Can anyone offer any help or what I need to look for to try and improve the situation, a PC reboot helps for a few minutes (done about an hour ago) and by the way, the 1 min 17 sec video is still buffering, 11 minutes later.


It appears something, either connection or PC is ‘throttling’ the videos.


Thanks for anything you can come up with.



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Re: Video Buffering Problems

If it works on Wifi using your phobe then it's not the internet connection that's the problem. It's likely the hone plugs.

Have you tried re-pairing them?
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Re: Video Buffering Problems

Hi Webby


Yes, I re-paired them on Sunday, should have mentioned that in the original post.


Funnily enough, after 4 weeks of problems, there no longer seems to be an issue since my original post! Tuesday evening and today it seems fine, just very minor buffering (a few seconds on a few occasions).



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