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Virtual Lan (VPN) and FTP transfer speed restricted

Hi Having a bit of trouble wondered if anyone has any ideas.

If I try to set up a VPN connection (Direct tcp connection, or cloud based) or set up and connect to an FTP server on my computer at home, so I can access files while I am out, I seem to be restricted to 300 kbs which is extremely slow. I've been trying to trace the problem for a while now to see if its my router, the software set up etc, but I'm now wondering if there is any kind of restriction on my fibre which could be restricting my speed on these kind of connections. If I connect on the LAN, I get full speed, but if I connect from my friends internet or from my laptop using my BT mobile as a dongle I am speed restricted.

I have a 50mbs fibre connection with and upload speed of about 8mbs which should be more than enough for what I need. I've got 4G on  my mobile. Its not like I'm even going to use it very often, just being the geek that I am, I have to solve the puzzle lol.

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