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WIFI on BT Infinity



I know there maybe no answer about Wifi on this forum but wonder if anyone can offer any suggestions ?

I have BT Infinity 1 with HH 4  (installed 2013/14) and the PC is right next to the router wirelessly connected and all's been fine.


Recently, though the WIFI strength bar drops by one and then goes to full and yesterday it drops more than one bar but always returns.

I appreciate this shouldn't be an issue but the PC / Hub have always been next to each other and the strength has always been  strong.

The Channel I'm using has no other user (apart from BT Wifi Fon/ open network)


I checked on Inssidder yesterday when the bars dropped and noticed the graph showed it at -60 dbm then it gradually stayed at -58-55 dbm and eventually at -48 -43 dbm which is when the strength is strongest.


I was wondering what could cause this - lunchtime on a saturday when the strength dropped ?

Is it just more traffic ?


Could it be time to think about replacing the HH ?


Thanks for any advice.


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Re: WIFI on BT Infinity

If it's right next to it, why not just use Ethernet?
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Re: WIFI on BT Infinity

Wireless signal strength can fluctuate for numerous reasons. It could be because there is a new wireless device nearby, it will not necessarily show up on inSSider, that is causing interference. As long as it is not actually interfering with your use of the Internet I would not worry about it.

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