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WPS Range extender 600 connected to BT HH6 won't allow connections to devices

I recently upgraded to the HH6 from the HH5. 


I have reset my dual band range extender 600 and can confirm that it is showing up as connected to my new HH6 router via the BT Smart Hub Manager.


The printer (which worked perfectly with HH5) is no longer showing up in my iMac's list of available printers.


When I depress the WPS button on the dual band range extender to connect my printer (which is physically located 3 metres away), and select the corresponding method on the printer, it will not connect.


I have spoken to several people at BT and I was most recently told that there is a problem with the HH6 preventing other devices from connecting via WPS. As I have been on hold with BT for 20 minutes, I was hoping someone else had had the same problem and could help with a solution.



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