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What's going on?

I've had Infinity for nearly a year stable at 73mbs download and 20 mbs upload since middle of December I am getting::

1am - 8am 60mbs ,

8 am -3pm 30 mbs,

3pm - 1am between 3 and 7mbs

Phoned BT was told bad weather (ok left till after xmas - new year still same)

phoned BT sent out engineer told not a problem on my end from house to cabinet must be fault with connection from cabinet to exchange he said will raise and get it looked at give it 24hrs.

Few days later Phoned Bt again was told sending out engineer when I said they have just sent out engineer they said no we will send out broadband engineer (????)  so the same engineer who turned up before then.  Was told now going to get in touch with wholesale and get connection sorted would ring me following day (nope no call) rang next day was told wholesale had fixed the problem and they would ring me next day to confirm (5pm - 8pm) 9.45 pm get call saying they will will send out engineer once again I said engineer been they then told me it would goto level two and they will ring me next day.

  Just had phone call said they would send out engineer when I said just hold on and explained what has happened recently he magically found the engineers notes and now say's that they will do a new super something which will take 72 hrs.


Can someone please tell me what this super thing that has been ordered does and please tell me why these call centres keep trying to send out engineers rather than actually listen to people and sort problem out at there end if it only takes this super thing to stop my connection issues.


Yes I know it was a little long.

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Re: What's going on?

Hi Morbid_Matty,

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for posting. If you're still having problems I can look into this for you. Drop me an email with the details. You'll get the 'contact us' form in the about me section of my profile. 



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