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What to do if speeds are not as per guarantee?

We have had the Superfast Fibre Halo 1 for some months now .. the speed promise says 

Normal available speeds
Your normal available download speed will be between 62-73 Mbps
Your normal available upload speed will be between 17-18 Mbps
Minimum guaranteed download speed
Your minimum guaranteed download speed will be 57 Mbps
We are lucky if we hit anywhere near that.. We raised the issue not long after it was first installed.. an engineer came.. said he had to escalate the problem as he couldn't see why it was not faster and thought there was "something at the exchange" that needed to be looked at but we have never heard anything back at all.. and this was way back in July last year.
We've kind of grown used to the slower speeds but tonight it has gotten stupid.. trying to stream NOW TV and all it is is fuzz.. the internet speed when checked was 20Mbps to start.. it managed to hit 34Mbps but this is way off the expected and promised speeds.
It said it can be improved and offers me an engineer but now I am concerned in case I will be charged for this??
Also should we be paying full price when we have not had what was expected and promised??
Any advice would be great. Many thanks.
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Re: What to do if speeds are not as per guarantee?c

Post your hub stats. If hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information 

enter phone number and post results.

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Re: What to do if speeds are not as per guarantee?


I am in an almost identical situation to yourself.  I had my Superfast Fibre 2 which says an average of 67MBps.  Like you and Engineer came out to discover I was getting 35MBps.  He said that he would get BT to send another engineer to check it but, instead, I get a text that says I am satisfied with my speed as it's 56MBps.

Done this evening on BT's own speedchecker.

Oh, and their diagnostic tool lies.  Let me explain.  Runs through a myriad of checks and tells you to unplug the faceplate (which I did) and connect the hub directly into the master socket inside, which I did.

It then says that everything is fine and I should pay for and engineer at £129 as it must be my equipment.

So, I run the test again, this time leaving my router connected into the master socket.  It then shows my speed below and tells me to connect to the master socket (which it already is).  THEN it tells me that the Master Socket is fine and it has to be my equipment.  So, to my mind, it's twoddle.  Their Diagnostic tool is rubbish.


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