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Why does housemate with games console seem to get connection priority?!

I live in a share house with 4 other guys. We have a 50MB connection with a BT HomeHub 5 (Type A). Until August, the connection was decent, solid, fast and reliable.


Then, some complete **** moved in in August and brought along with him his PS4. This nut is constantly in his room, all day and night, shouting on his headset on his PS4 headset and playing games as if they were real life - I think you can paint a picture of the sort of guy I am talking about here. There is also another guy who moved in in March who has a PS4 and uses it online, but not nearly to the extent of the latest incumbant.


Anyway this isn't the point - the point is, since he has moved in, the connection speed and reliability for 3 of the rest of us has gone downhill dramatically, it cuts off, it lags, it is slow. Take this point for example: - if my mobile is connected to the BT HomeHub WiFi, I very often cannot even send a simple text message over Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp! I turn off WiFi and my phone will go to 4G and guess what? They send instantly. This is the same for 2 of the other guys I live with who aren't constantly obsessed with online gaming but would like to use the net they pay for for simple browsing and maybe the odd bit of streaming.


My question is, why the hell do these two other guys with their consoles seem to get priority on the connection?? Their connection seemingly never drops out, he's always shouting and chatting on that headset, and you never see them having to come and reset the router because it has stopped working AGAIN.


This has become a ridiculous situation. We have spoken to them about using too much bandwidth but it has fallen on death ears. I find it far too much of a coincidence that since this latest guy moved in who is constantly playing online games that the connection has turned to sh*t. I can see there are no QoS settings on this router (cheers BT) so short of getting a new router, is there anything that can be done??


Thanks for any feedback! And apologies if this is in the wrong section.

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Re: Why does housemate with games console seem to get connection priority?!

Welcome to this user forum.


Use a proper router which has bandwidth and quality of service controls so you can restrict the speed of each user.


Here is one example.

Cheap reliable replacement for home hub.


Its very easy to configure those settings. You just set that user to a lower priority, such as priority 7 or 8.


They will get full bandwidth when nobody else is using the connection, but you will always get priority, as you can set your connection to priority 1 or 2.



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