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Re: Why does my external IP address keep changing daily

Thanks. In No-ip it looks one has to download and run a Dynamic update client tool and have that permanently running so the IP can be tracked. Unfortunately I don’t want to be leaving my Mac on 24/7 with this tool running.

Is there any other solution that doesn’t involve having a Mac or PC left on permanently? I tend to leave my iPad on all the time and can see some apps but not many reviews. Does anyone recommend one that works well on iOS and no-ip? They all cost money and I prefer not to waste money on an app that may not even work for what I want

I did look at as I can see support for it in the routers setting but they want $55 for the service

Sorry for all the questions - i do appreciate the help and suggestions
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Re: Why does my external IP address keep changing daily

Does your router have the latest firmware installed - sometimes newer firmware can have updated lists of dynamic dns providers. Your other choices are to buy a different router that does support No-IP or have a PC/Mac running the update client.
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