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Wiring before master socket - who pays

In July I got BT Infinity (FTTC). The engineer moved the master socket as it was by the front door & the larger socket would've stopped us opening our front door. Right from the start I had problems with dropouts. My dl speed was over 60Mbps to start with (70 expected) but steadily dropped ever since. BT replaced the Home Hub 4 in August. Things didn't improve & they replaced the hub again a couple of weeks ago. The speed was below 30Mbps. Since then they did some work outside & the speed went up to 40 but has since gone back below 30. I've got an engineer booked for Monday. If it turns out the problem is with the wiring in the house but before the master socket & not due to damage since July shouldn't this be something the engineer picked up before installing the new master socket? And quite importantly something that I don't have to pay for an engineer's fallout?
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Re: Wiring before master socket - who pays

if the fault is before the master then there is no charge if the fault is caused by your internal wiring or equipment then that would be chargeable
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