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Without Internet for FIVE WEEKS

I called BT in the middle of July to make a home move on 31st Aug 2018 for the new place. The drama started from 6th Sept, the second time I reported that the internet is not active in my new place. The Adviser refused to run a line test as I am not home and then refused me to add an account password by myself. I questioned it as I have another BT account with my own password. He said no and put a password without telling me as he cannot "verify" me over the phone call, although I have given him my full name, DOB, full address and postcode. He said the letter consists the password will be delivered within 7 days. Then I never received it. Called back 5 times in the past 5 weeks. Each time, the advisor told me the same thing, that they cannot get into my account without the password, so no way to send the engineer to fix the problem, and they will resend it and just wait for 7 days. Until now, no letter, no internet. No help from BT. No solution from BT. No internet. They just don't care. 

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Re: Without Internet for FIVE WEEKS

are you able to access MYBT?

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