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ac68u slower speeds than bt router

I set up my new ac68u adsl/vdsl router yesterday but got lower speeds than my old bt standard router. I did speed test with an app on my phone called wifi sweet spots and took reading from every room. Highest speed was in the living room where the old bt router was sited with a top speed of 560mbps and lowest from upstairs bedroom with around 90mbps. Set up the new router and used many of the advice on set ups on the posts on here but was only getting speeds of 150mbps in my living room dropping down to 30-50 mbps upstairs. Can't figure this out, spoke to one of the guys who works in IT at work and he said try setting to 20mhz as permanent but that was no better

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Re: ac68u slower speeds than bt router

Were you connected to the 5GHz band?  Did you set different names for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands?  The AC68U is a pretty old router now (though I still use one in a mesh setup) - it is an AC1900 wireless router compared with AC2600 for the SmartHub so might not give you higher speeds but based on your speed of 150Mbps sounds like you may have been connecting to the 2.4GHz band.

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