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avoid shoddy snail pace infinity

here is a real life user experience of what has to be the worse Broadband that you could ever waste your money on.


i have 78 meg infinity(that is a luagh and a lie), i also have BT Vision and BT phone, all for the pleasure of £44 a month.

for this monthly fee, this is what i really get -

infinity that has a speed again tonight of 0.11mbps with a ping of 576. this is a fairly common occurance for me, which makes using my laptop impossible and pointless

Vision, which constantly freezes and also loses sound.

BT phone that has such poor sound quality that making or taking a call results in barely being able to hear the other person.


no problem, we might say, lets call BT and get it sorted, but wait a minute i cannot hear the indian call centre because my line is barely audible. they send an engineer, but not just any engineer. A fully skilled fibre optic infinity special engineer. after checking things over at my house, he states that his Vision freezes and loses sound as well and it must be a feature of the Vision service, so nothing is done. Infinity next, he checks this and says that although i am set for 78 meg, i will never get anywhere near this and if iam not happy i must take it up with BT sales, because according to him they lie when selling Infinity and he agrees my line has poor sound but cannot fix it. BT YOU ARE A SHAMBLES AND NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

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Re: avoid shoddy snail pace infinity

Did you report it as a broadband problem or a phone line problem?


A noisy phone line will always ruin the broadband connection, so fixing it should fix the broadband.  So you need to report a phone line fault.  It may be a different person who comes to fix it.

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Re: avoid shoddy snail pace infinity

If you have a very noisy phone line then this will slow down your broadband - that needs to be fixed first. A fibreoptic engineer will not necessarily specialise in the phone part of the system.


You need to report the phone line as faulty on 0800 800 151 (don't mention broadband). When it is fixed then you should be able to get the BB speed up. If not, contact the mods who should be able to help out.

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Re: avoid shoddy snail pace infinity

the phone line is not noisey at all. it has no interference, it is just impossible to hear the other person, we have had the line checked and have been told that it is probably a characteristic of our area. five different phones have made no difference at all, the line is so **bleep** quiet, we never use the phone anymore.


todays infinity is 0.04mbps download and 0.09mbps upload, very speedy and useable..............................NOT


vision has frozen 4 times in the last two hours



in a word.................................DREADFUL

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Re: avoid shoddy snail pace infinity

Can you do a speedtest for us, with this link here. Once completed click on the further diagnostics and paste the results back here.

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Re: avoid shoddy snail pace infinity

It's clearly a line fault.  Your phone line should be crystal clear.  If it isn't, report it as a faulty phone line, and get it fixed.

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